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Performing Music Banned From Strawberry Fields In Central Park

I recently mentioned that performing music or singing near the Bethesda Fountain in Central Park had been banned due to its recent designation as a “Quiet Zone. ”

Now, it seems that Strawberry Fields has been claimed as a Quiet Zone as well.  The city argues that they don’t want these particular areas to be overwhelmed by groups of musicians playing with amplified sound, but the ban applies to non amplified acoustic performances as well.

If you think it makes little sense for the city to ban people from singing and playing an acoustic guitar in a section of the park officially designated to John Lennon, check out the link below from

via Bring music of John Lennon & The Beatles back to Strawberry Fields Petition.

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Bryant Park Summer Movie Calendar 2011

The Bryant Park Summer Film Festival begins Monday, June 20th with One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest. Click here for the full schedule and for park rules…

Bryant Park | Calendar.

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Cops Ticketing Central Park Musicians At Bethesda Fountain

The Bethesda Fountain, located mid-park at 72nd Street, has recently been declared a “quiet zone.”  Musicians who have been playing and singing there for years are now being hit with summonses by police. Read more at The NY Post…

“When asked about the music crackdown, a spokesman for the Central Park Conservancy, the cash-flush nonprofit that runs the park for the city, said: “The fountain is a place for quiet reflection.”

via Cops muzzle Central Park musicians –

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Secrets Of Central Park

Buried reservoirs and Indian caves. Read more here from The NY Times about  the sometimes visible shadowy past of Central Park…

“To get to the cave, go halfway down the West Drive near the 79th Street yard where vehicles are stored, and head due east farther into the park, across Oak Bridge at Bank Rock Bay. Hug the shore, keeping the lake on the right. After many twists, you will find yourself near a short section of chain-link fence, high above the water. ”

via Scenes From a Wild Youth – Streetscapes/Central Park –

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Garibaldi Statue Restored At Washington Square Park

My grandfather used to tell me about meeting his friends at the Garibalidi statue in Washington Square Park in the 1930s. Though this is the second time the statue has been moved (it was moved about  15 feet in 1970), I’m glad to see that it will remain a prominent fixture in the park. Read more at Washington Square Park Blog…

“There was something nice about the previous location, coming from the fountain and encountering Garibaldi regally standing there,welcoming you into the eastern end of the park (admittedly, while also ready to draw his sword!). I imagine the designer wanted to open up the vista (as was done – and works – on the western side).”

via Garibaldi Uncloaked, Unscaffolded and Restored! Barring Last Minute Setbacks, Eastern End of Park to Open Soon « Washington Square Park Blog.

Wine And Beer To Be Served In Bryant Park On Movie Nights

Wichcraft kiosks in Bryant Park will begin selling wines and beers on movie nights that moviegoers can drink on the lawn. Get all the details from DNA info…

“People like to bring drinks to the film festival and now were trying to match the rules with the reality,” explained Nell Wright, an event producer at the Bryant Park Corporation, which presented the plan to Community Board 5s parks committee Thursday night.”

via Wine and Beer to Be Served in Bryant Park on Movie Nights –

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Bryant Park Lawn Now Open

The lawn at Bryant Park on 6th Avenue and 42nd Street opened to the public today after nearly a month long delay, according to DNA info…

“This year’s opening was pushed back by the Bryant Park Corporation  so workers could complete capital improvements, including new irrigation, drainage, and electrical systems, a spokesman said.”

via Bryant Park Lawn Opens, Just as Weather Improves –

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