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Filicori Zecchini Coffee Coming To Midtown

Filicori Zecchini Coffee, serving high quality coffees since 1919, is coming to 46th Street between Vanderbilt and Madison. A worker inside the store said they expect to be open within two weeks…..

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Is A Stealth Starbucks Still A Starbucks?

I am definitely not a Starbucks person, which is why I find the idea of a stealth Starbucks so interesting. It’s a way to trick people who don’t like traditional Starbucks into going to Starbucks anyway. Take a look at this report from Tribeca Citizen about the possibility of a Starbucks stealth store opening up on Leonard and Varick….

Tribeca Citizen | Starbucks: It’s Official.

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Black Cow Coffee Now Open In Pleasantville

Black Cow Coffee in Croton-on-Hudson is the quintessential cool coffee house. The kind you’d expect to find in Manhattan, not in a strip mall in the suburbs.  They have great coffee and friendly service in a relaxed and cozy atmosphere. They roast their own coffee and create their own blends on premises.  Now they’ve added a second location on Wheeler Avenue in Pleasantville, around the corner from the Jacob Burns Film Center.  According to their Facebook page they had a successful opening on May 16….

The Black Cow Coffee co – Restaurant/Cafe – Croton-on-Hudson, New York | Facebook.

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East Village Coffee Shop Now Brewing 24/7 On West 34th Street

Roastown Coffee, which has stores on St. Mark’s and on W 27th Street,  has opened a new location at 34th Street and 8th Ave. Here’s more from DNA info…

“The eatery also offers a sure-to-be-popular wall of 16 flavors of self-serve frozen yogurt served with an array of 27 toppings that rivals any of the pricey chains.  Owner Sookie Chung said she hopes the eatery will be a pleasant change for the neighborhood, whose dining scene is dominated by fast food chains, Starbucks outposts and little else.”

via East Village Coffee Shop Now Brewing 24/7 in Midtown –

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Black Cow Coffee Prepares for Opening in Pleasantville

Fans of the Black Cow in Croton-on-Hudson will be happy to know that their new Pleasantville location is set to open soon.  Here’s the story from The Patch…

“The paper that previously lined the windows of the soon-to-be Black Cow Coffee Company has been removed, allowing passerbys to peek into the storefront previously occupied by the Dragonfly Caffe.”

via Black Cow Prepares for Opening – Pleasantville-Briarcliff Manor, NY Patch.

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New Owners for Bluebird Coffee Shop

Bluebird Coffee Shop at 72 East First Street has new owners . Customers hope they’ll be able to maintain the same high standards set by the previous owners. Serious Eats has the full story…

“What makes a special coffee shop special? Is it as simple as looking in and seeing the “right” equipment and “right” roaster’s beans in place on the counter? Or does it go beyond all that?

via NY Coffee Chronicles: Bluebird Becomes a Newbird | Serious Eats: Drinks.

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