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The BeerParc Beer Garden Now Open On 6th Avenue

The outdoor plaza behind FoodParc on 6th Avenue near 30th Street is now open as BeerParc. It’s $3 per ticket which goes towards beer from 1 of 10 taps, and toward food from any of the food stands around the plaza. Here’s more from Serious Eats…

“There are plenty of benches and tables outside facing the 34-foot screen broadcasting everything from artsy films to the Mets or Yanks games. We can’t think of many things we’d rather do than park ourselves outside and dig into some of Dieterle’s fried chicken and curry from Soi 29 with a cold Southampton ale

via First Look: Beerparc, the Beer Garden Extension of Foodparc | Serious Eats : New York.

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MTA To Reveal Latest Designs For Mulry Square

On Tuesday, May 31 the MTA will present their final proposed designs for an emergency ventilation plant on Mulry Square, the triangular parking lot at the southwest corner of 7th Avenue South and Greenwich Avenue. All are welcome to attend the hearings and have their voices heard. Here are the details from Off The Grid…

“Mulry Square is no ordinary vacant lot. Not only has it been for years falsely speculated that Edward Hopper based Nighthawks at the Diner on a restaurant at this location, but post-9/11 it also became the unlikely site of the impromptu Tiles For America exhibit, one of our city’s most poignant and recognized memorials of the tragic World Trade Center terrorist attacks.”

via MTA to Reveal Latest Designs for Mulry Square.

Whoopie Pies And More At Sweetery NYC Truck

The popular Sweetery NYC Truck is known for its great desserts and great service. Here’s a more detailed look from Dessert Buzz NYC…

“The Sweetery NYC Truck might be best known for their cupcakes (perhaps due to all their awesome high profile give aways) –but two of my favorite items  from them are their scones and brioches and it’s time they got some love.”

via dessertbuzz » Blog Archive » Sweetery NYC Truck beyond the cupcakes: Very good scones and brioches.

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